School Uniforms

At TCS our students wear a school uniform each day as we believe it will foster a more peaceful, simple, and distraction free environment.

We have a daily uniform as well as an official uniform. The official uniform is typically worn on special days. Students may, however, wear the official uniform items on regular school days as well. Polo shirts may be purchased from any vendor but please make sure they are solid without any logos. The same is true for pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts. Our school colors are navy, white, heather gray, and kelly green therefore polos and polo dresses of these colors may be worn. Most uniform bottoms can be worn in navy or khaki.

Uniform guidelines for Grammar students (k - 5th grade) and Dialectic students (6th and 7th grade) are available on the following links.

Grammar School Uniform (k-5th Grade)

Dialectic School Uniform (6th-8th Grade)