We Are The Crash

Our mascot meets all three of the mandatory USA Mascot requirements (not an actual thing):

  • Unique (no one else in the Triad has it)

  • Strong (everyone else in the Triad will fear it!)

  • Alliteration (it sounds great with the word "Covenant")

And even more importantly, it captures our vision for the school.


Crash the Rhino wants to travel with your family! Print him out, decorate him, cut him out, and most importantly, bring Crash the Rhino along with you on all of your family adventures. Snap a photo and share it on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #CRASHtheRhino for everyone to see where Crash has been!  

#CRASHtheRhino (Printable)

A Letter from our Board

More than many other endeavors in our lives, starting TCS has required an extra measure of faith. Our faith has often been tested, many times down to the wire… but the Lord has been faithful to not only meet, but to exceed all our needs, every step of the way, even when we couldn’t see what he was doing.
A lot of times on this journey, it’s felt like we were running blindfolded, not knowing what we were doing or where we were going, just following the Lord, one step at a time. Psalm 119:105 says that God’s word is a lamp to our feet… often just showing us that one step to take.
And sometimes along this TCS journey, it’s felt pretty reckless to take those steps.
In that first year, we had to ask, “How can we sign up all these families for a school when we don’t even have a building to meet in, until the actual week before school was scheduled to start?”, then the Lord provided First Presbyterian and Calvary.
Then we had more and more kids signing up, but we had to ask "Lord, who are you going to bring to teach them?" Then, at just the right time, step by step, He provided this incredible faculty.
In the third year, we began to outgrow the ability to be a "volunteer-run-school," and questioned how we could keep going. We knew we needed a pro to run this thing, and someone with Classical experience, who is willing to do it for not a lot of money. "Lord, how do we find that person?" And then… Adam Greer showed up and became our head of school.
As we have been on this TCS journey, we have plowed forward in faith, and time and time again, we have crashed headfirst into the grace of God.
There’s a group of animals that tends to do the same thing.
They are big, strong, and can run thirty miles an hour. There’s just one problem. They can see only thirty feet in front of them. But that limited vision doesn’t paralyze them. Despite being able to see far away, they still run hard, without apprehension. And, just like us crashing into the grace of God, these animals often crash into anything that’s in their way.
As a school, we are raising up the next generations to become an unstoppable force of faith. We don’t have to pretend we know the future or that we can see more than thirty feet in front of us because we run with the confidence that God is stronger than anything that we will ever come against. 

We don't have to be afraid of what we cannot see. We can run with faith because our Savior, modeled it for us. In Jesus himself, divinity collided with humanity. Jesus’ love for us was so great, that he ran full speed into our world. His love for us was so great that he couldn't stop himself. In Jesus, God CRASHED into our world.
And so because of that, the mascot for The Covenant School is based on this wild animal that runs with blind faith. It’s based on the rhinoceros. 

But the mascot is not just a singular rhino. Much like our school model, our mascot is a family of rhinos running together.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we present to you...

… The Covenant Crash!

Go Nos!